Sleep your way to the top? Great Idea! After all, we are an HR company.

A few sayings come to mind: Hard work has never killed anyone. Burning the midnight oil. Burning the candle at both ends.PuppySleeping

Come on, call It a Day already. You have to unplug, rest and get some sleep. The short-term effects of not enough sleep: loss of attention span, miscommunication, lethargy, lessened decision making capabilities, longer reaction times. Maybe the saying ‘hard work never killed anyone’ might be so entirely true. I can think of several occupations that you can’t afford to have these effects.

Research also shows long-term effects of not getting enough sleep are a weak immune system, obesity and possibly heart disease and different forms of cancer. Think about it, not very easy to climb up the company ladder with any of these issues.

My answer, if you want to be more effective at your current job and ‘work’ your way to the top, think about ‘sleeping’ your way to the top, too.  There are a ton of great articles out there suggesting different ways to accomplish this.

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