Is lower Productivity during the NCAA tournament really a bad thing?

So, people are taking 4 hour lunches, talking about their brackets, the upsets, their plans to leave early to catch a game and every other thing BESIDES work.  Is this really a bad thing?

Take a moment to think about this. You have Joe and Sam who barely get along taking a 4 hour lunch together to watch Iowa State lose. Wait, sorry that was rude. (Hey, it broke my bracket, too)  Then they come back to the office and mourn together. Now the two dudes have a bond.

The air at most offices yesterday was almost visible it was overwhelmingly full of anticipation, excitement and chatter.  From a human resources and wellness standpoint, forget low productivity levels, you can’t PAY enough for the healthy work environment that is spawned from March Madness. Even Suzy Q the receptionist entered a bracket based on colors and mascots for crying out loud.

So, if you are the boss this week, embrace the Madness. This is only a short time that people are lower on the productivity side, however, the camaraderie lives on way longer than March, creating a healthy work culture.

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