Did you Ride Today? Today is Bike to Work Day!

Full-disclosure: I did not ride to work today, however, I do want to point out a few things about biking since it is Bike Month.  “You don’t have to have an expensive bike or be a serious bicyclist to reap the many benefits of biking. Even riding a bike for 30 minutes one day a week can help you improve fitness, relieve stress, save gas, help the environment and have fun.” – Lynn Kooker MS CHES, Focus OneSource Director of Wellness.

Personal challenge, consider riding your bike to work a couple times in the next few weeks. If there are no safe routes to bike to work like myself, take a ride when you get home from work to distress from the day. Take a bike ride with your family or a group on friends to a place that serves tacos on a Tuesday. LittleBoyOnABike

Don’t have a bike? Aside from the numerous retail bike shops and sporting goods stores, there are also resale bike shops that sell great used bikes at low prices. Or, garage sales are always a great place to find good deals on used bikes. There is also a facebook group that is fantastic in the Des Moines area for locating deals. Mid West Velo Swap. Renting a bike is also an option if you want to try biking before actually purchasing a bike.

For more information on Bike Month and events in your area, go to www.bikeleague.org/bikemonth or www.bikeiowa.com.

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